Commercial Locksmith

Your business is the bread on your table and you should secure it accordingly. Floridian Commercial Locksmith services are ready to assist you and your business with any lock and key needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Many people think that a commercial locksmith repairs and replaces entry locks at businesses, though that is a major service that Floridian Locksmiths provide, it is only a fraction of the list of services we can help with.

Here are some of our commercial locksmith services:

Lockouts & Door Unlocking

Many commercial doors are equipped with spring loaded hinges, which means that the door will shut close behind you. So if you hit that little button or pushed the door against the wall, once the door closes you will be locked out.

Our emergency lockout technicians are trained professionals in commercial and industrial grade locks. We are able to pick open almost any non high security lock. When it comes to high security locks such as Medeco and Mul T Locks we are well trained and familiar with, unfortunately in most cases these locks can not be picked and most likely will need to be damaged in order to get them unlocked.  

Lock Rekeying

Many clients contact us about changing locks not knowing that re-keying the locks might be a better and cheaper alternative. So what is rekeing you may ask, most locks nowadays are pinned locks, meaning when those pins are replaced to a different combination the old key will no longer operate the locks.

Instead of changing the entire hardware of the locks we can re-pin them and provide you with a new set of keys. Multiple doors can be rekeyed and pinned to fit the same key, so if you have 5 door that you would like to have the same key no problem at all.

Master Re-Keying

Master re-keying is slightly different, opposed to a regular lock combination change (rekey) which a single key key will operate all the locks, a master key system is designed to limit user access to desired locks.

So if we have 5 doors and wish key #1 to operate all doors 1-5 and key #2 to operate doors 2-5 or any other desired pattern, we can make that happen. Master keying gen get complex in situations that include tens or hundreds of doors with multiple access limitations.

Commercial Lock Repair

Most common locks are mechanical therefore, they are prone to malfunctions. If your office or place of business has a lock that needs to be repaired Floridian Commercial Locksmith technicians can assist.

There are many different lock repair needs, maybe a key got stuck in the cylinder, maybe a handle fell off or maybe someone attempted to break in and damaged the lock, whatever the issue may be, our lock repair specialists will come to your location and solve the issue.

Commercial Lock Replacement

Different businesses require different grade of security, if you own a jewelry store you may want to reconsider purchasing a standard lock from a local hardware store. You can always call us and have a technician come to your site, evaluate the situation and suggest the locks that will be the best fit for your budget.

Floridian Commercial Locksmith also installs a variety of high security locks. From Medeco to Mul T Lock and beyond. We also provide Detex emergency exit systems, panic bars, cam locks, mailbox locks, jackson bar locks and many more!

Safe Cracking

If you have a safe but do not have the key or the combination to get the safe unlocked, as long as you are the rightful owner, we will crack it open for you. In many cases which vary between different types of safes, we are able to unlock your safe without damage and install a new locking mechanism so you can still use it.

There are plenty more commercial and industrial related locksmith services we provide, if you are in a need for a service that has not been listed above, please feel free to call us at 954-526-8945 and speak directly to one of our licensed commercial locksmiths.