Hire Licensed Locksmith VS Unlicensed Locksmith

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Hire Licensed Locksmith VS Unlicensed Locksmith

licensed Locksmith Well first let’s talk about all the reports of locksmith scams of overcharging and providing service that is poor in quality. There are many scams that people have experienced simply because they thought that going to a cheaper locksmith made more sense for their wallet. It was a bad experience and many have been scammed that way, most luckily only once. Hire a licensed locksmith today. Either you need an automotive, commercial, residential, or emergency locksmith we are here for you.

If you’ve lost your key in a manhole or left your car keys inside your car, then you have to call a locksmith to come help you out, unless you have a backup key on you or in your purse. That’s when you really need to be cautious and contact a locksmith with
a license, otherwise, you may be very surprised with the service you receive. There may be hidden charges and also your new key make not fit in properly to open that door or locker you just changed. When you’re initially contacting a locksmith company, even if it is in a case of emergency, make sure you ask for a license number from the company or individual you are contacting.

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A licensed locksmith is registered and may lose his title and reputation if he overcharges his customer or provides poor service. Integrity is the name of the game and there are certain regulations that have to be followed according to the federal government. Furthermore, your information will not be shared when you contact a reputable locksmith and you will be able to find out the location of that locksmith if something goes wrong.

There are several ways you will know if your locksmith is worth your time and money, as there are 5 steps to becoming a licensed locksmith with integrity:

1) Training in the locksmith profession
2) Getting work experience in the field
3) Filing for a locksmith license
4) Applying and getting professional certification
5) Joining an organization of professionals

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Many locksmith scams take place on a daily basis all around the country and it’s for this reason you must make sure you always find a licensed locksmith. Do not trust anyone with your keys. Many professional licensed locksmiths are also bonded and by law are not permitted to keep a copy of your keys, otherwise, they will be penalized and their license may be taken away from them leading them to sometimes even go out of business. Contact Floridian Locksmith today.

Here are other possible issues you should look for:

– An experienced locksmith will always be careful how he handles the parts, such as the cylinders and doors he’s repairing, without damaging them.

– All the parts of the lock should go back into place, whether it’s a new lock or an original lock, otherwise, your keys will not work.

– Always ask to see an invoice or sales form with a letterhead of the company where the license number is usually printed.

– Never pay upfront until you are sure the key works properly and that there are no issues with the lock you just got replaced or repaired.