Mailbox Replacement Fort Lauderdale

Recently here at Floridian Locksmith we have been getting a bunch of calls regarding mailbox locks. Mailbox Replacement Fort Lauderdale is very important. This was very unusual for us. We usually only do about 10 mailboxes a week. The last month we have done over 200 mailbox jobs. We have no idea why there such an influx of mailbox keys has been. Because of this we decided to write a blog on the importance of securing your mail. Floridian Locksmith takes it very seriously when it comes to mailbox locking systems. There is a bunch of important things that are delivered to your mailbox from USPS. Millions of packages and mail is sent everyday in the United States in Worldwide. It’s not just those annoying bills, it can also be birthday cards or even checks.

USPS reminds to change out your mailbox locks

We recommend changing out mailbox locks every few years. The reason for this is to protect all your sensitive materials. According to the USPS 10,000 criminals are caught every year stealing mail. Do not let this happen to you. Call Floridian Locksmith today for all your mailbox replacement needs in Fort Lauderdale. Below are some examples directly from USPS. Call today for mailbox replacement Fort Lauderdale.

  • responds to more than 27,000 consumer fraud complaints, including reports of identity theft.
  • arrests hundreds of suspects for child sexual exploitation offenses related to the mail, identifies child molesters, and rescues hundreds of child victims.
  • arrests roughly 1,000 suspects for drug trafficking and money laundering via the mail.
  • conducts some 3,000 forensic examinations, makes scores of court appearances to provide expert testimony, and identifies more than 500 suspected violators of postal statutes.
  • mailbox replacement Fort Lauderdale

Call us today for make sure this will not happen to you or your family. Floridian Locksmith is available 24/7 for all your emergency locksmith needs. There is no reason you mail should not be safe! Don’t forget Floridian Locksmith also do automotive, commercial, residential and emergency locksmith needs.