Residential Locksmith Fort Lauderdale

Floridian Residential Locksmith Fort Lauderdale is your go to company for all your house locksmith needs. We specialize in securing your home with the best locks and security that is avaliable to us. From Medeco Locks to Kwikset Locks we carry them all. Call us today and schedule a time with one of our professional residential locksmiths today. We are available 24/7 for all your emergency locksmith needs.

Lockouts & Lock Changes Fort Lauderdale

Residential Locksmith Fort Lauderdale Being locked out of your home is very frustrating and can be time-consuming. In the United States alone there about 100,000 lockouts every day. Unless you have a spare key hidden somewhere your best bet is to call us and get you back inside of your home in Fort Lauderdale. There is no reason to ruin the existing locks or even break windows to get inside of your home. Our technician will simply pick the lock if possible and get you into your home. Call our house lockout division today at (954) 526-8945 for all your lockout needs.

Moving into a new home or renting a new apartment? Well, the smart choice is to rekey the locks so that no one has access to your home with the old set of keys. Securing your property is as easy as getting your Locks rekey so that that old set will not work. We will simply uninstall the locks and change the pins of the locks and make a new combination for the locks. There is no reason to change locks anymore. This will not only save you time but save you money.

Sometimes some locks cannot be fixed, and they lived their lifespan. When this happens, we have almost every lock in the industry and are ready to replace your existing locks. We will go over all options of the best locks in the business. We can offer you basic locks to more complex locking system options.

 24 Hour Residential Locksmith Service

Floridian Locksmith offers a wide range of residential locksmith Fort Lauderdale services such as house door unlocking, door lock re-keying, lock repair, lock replacement and many more. Most people think of calling a locksmith to their home only when they are locked out, though our home and residential locksmith Fort Lauderdale services are much more than just door unlocking.

Residential Mailbox Lock Replacement

Need to get your mail but you’re unable to because you have misplaced the keys? No worries! We are able to come to your home or neighborhood, unlock your mailbox lock, replace it with a new lock and provide you with a new set of keys! There is no need to wait for the mailman to come and unlock your mailbox so you can get your mail. Additionally, the USPS DOES NOT replace mailbox locks! They will advise you to hire a locksmith service. Whatever the reason may be for your need of a residential locksmith service, Floridian Locksmith is here to help. We are always available and you may call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Call US Now!

Lock Re-Keying Services in Fort Lauderdale

If you move to a new home, have tenants move out or need to limit the access of someone who may have a key to your place, you will probably need to consider re-keying your door locks. What is lock rekeying? Great question, as many people are unfamiliar with lock re-keying what it means is, changing the combination of a lock so the previous key will no longer be able to operate the same lock cylinder. Can you rekey all of my locks to the same key combination? Absolutely! As long as all the locks in your home have the same keyway, meaning if one key fits into all the locks, chances are that all locks can be keyed the same.

Lock Repair & Replacements

House Locksmith Fort Lauderdale Most locks perform a mechanical function, therefore the will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. Whether you’re having a problem with a passage lock on your bedroom or your dead bolt at the front door of your home, our residential locksmiths are trained professionals and are able to replace or repair any lock. There are many different types of locks nowadays, from simple door knobs to biometric locking technology. If you are looking for a company that is capable of installing and/or repairing almost any type of lock, you came to the right place. Floridian Locksmith is a same day lock repair and replacement service company. Call us now for a FREE estimate!


Extraction Of Broken Keys

If your keys are old and worn out, or if your front door lock got jammed and you tried to force it to open by twisting the key, it could result in a broken key that is now stuck inside the lock cylinder. Floridan Residential Locksmith Fort Lauderdale technicians are trained professionals in any lock situations. When we arrive on site we will extract the broken piece that is inside the lock and make you a few key copies so if the key is bent, throw it away! If the lock is jammed we will remove it diagnose it and repair it. At the event where the lock is damaged beyond repair, our mobile locksmith units are fully equipped and we most likely will have a matching lock to replace it with.

House Door Unlocking

Many of us have experienced being locked out of our own home first hand, and it’s not a great feeling. When you get locked out of your house, there is no logical reason to damage your door, break a window or try to squeeze in some tight place in order to gain access to your home. Most of the time not only will it cost you more money to break a window or damage your door, but you could get injured in the process. Hiring a professional residential locksmith is simple, quick and affordable. When calling Floridian locksmith to get you back into your home, your expected wait time is normally 15-30 minutes depending on your location, and our prices are affordable for any budget!

When our house door unlocking technicians are sent to assist you, we will use all the tools and skills necessary to get you back in with no damage to your locks. Most locks are able to be picked and our trained locksmiths are able to unlock your door within minutes if not seconds. If you are locked out and in a need for a quick, efficient as well as an affordable locksmith service, call us now and we’ll send our licensed locksmith technicians to get you back into your home.

Lock Installation Service

Bought a new lock you thought was the perfect fit for you but have no idea how to install it? No worries, Floridian Residential Locksmith Fort Lauderdale offers lock installation services even for locks that have not been purchased from us. If you’re in a situation where you aren’t sure as to what type of lock will be the best option for the security of your home, you can simply contact us and we will present you with several options that meet your budget.

We also specialize in all Commercial and Automotive Locksmith Services in Broward County.